The Duke Global Health Institute brings together the best minds and knowledge from across Duke University and its Medical Center to address global health challenges in a comprehensive way. It is educating the next generation to be compassionate, informed and globally-minded leaders. And it is mobilizing the expertise of faculty to make new discoveries and to use science to improve the lives of people around the world. This work is performed in concert with partners from universities and non-governmental organizations across the globe.

A Duke student delivers care to patients at a clinic in the highlands of Honduras.

In just five years, the Duke Global Health Institute has become a model for integrating education, research, service and policy within a world-class, global university.

From the start, the Duke Global Health Institute has been fueled by the passion of its students to make a difference and the commitment of its faculty to find innovative solutions to real problems. This commitment, coupled with the support of the Duke administration, has allowed much to be accomplished in a short time. However, it is the potential of what lies ahead that is exciting, challenging and ambitious. There are new global health challenges every day. It is the aim of the Duke Global Health Institute to be one step ahead with the answers.

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