Antapocalypse 2012 – June 22, 2012

7 07 2012

By: Sarah Wang

It was just another peaceful night in the lovely village of Kunya. Around 1:30am, I began to pinch insects off of my arms in my sleep. I gradually realized how itchy I was, so I finally opened my eyes and turned on my flashlight to see what was happening. I was not pleased by what I found: ants crawling all over me and all over my sheets. I jumped out of my bed and turned on the lights, only to realize that the ants were everywhere. Parts of our hut’s walls were black, covered in ants. They were crawling all over our floor, and they were on almost every piece of furniture, including our mosquito nets. They got into the folded clothes we kept on the top bunk of one of our beds, and they were all over the bathroom door/curtain. There were so many of them that our hut was filled with a sickening crunching noise as the ants climbed over each other. My roommates, Kelly and Saira, soon joined me in panic. They also reported that there were even bigger and biting ants outside our door on the porch. By the time the ants started invading Kelly’s bed, we had made so much noise that we woke up Lysa in the next hut along with the sister of the head of Mama na Dada in the third hut. Eventually, the head of Mama na Dada was woken up and came over to survey the invasion. She let out a big “wow” and arranged for us to sleep elsewhere.

By the time we got back into bed in the same hut as Lysa, an hour had passed since I woke up, but we were all in no state to fall back asleep. I could still feel ants crawling all over me, and my legs itched from the bites. Kelly and Saira also complained of phantom ants, and I had goose bumps for most of the night. The next day, we gingerly opened the door to our hut to face the aftermath. We were shocked to find the ants all dead, covering our floor and bed sheets in black. Unfortunately, some of the ants got stuck in our towels and were hard to shake off, so we had to wash them off. The staff of Mama na Dada were very helpful, and they cleaned most of the ant carcasses up as we changed the sheets. Apparently, the ants tended to migrate indoors when it was cold outside or if it was about to rain, which pretty much described the weather of the night of Antapocalypse 2012. Thankfully, the ants have not been back since.

Even though it was an ordeal that I have never faced before, everything turned out fine at the end, and it makes for a good story to tell in the future. Saira, Kelly, and I are very grateful to Mama na Dada for helping us through the whole fiasco. We would also like to extend thanks to Lysa, who graciously allowed us to move into her hut. Lastly, we would like to warn all ants of Kunya to stay far, far away. All in all, it was definitely a night to remember!




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