Coming Home

1 06 2012


By Kelly Schuering

I couldn’t help but feel like I was coming home when we were flying over the Kenyan countryside heading from Nairobi to Kisumu. I think I had forgotten how beautiful Kenya is! The morning mist clearing off the low, long mountains and every shade of green, blue, and gray imaginable stretching as far as the eye can see was breathtakingly beautiful. My heart soared as I fully realized that I was returning to a second home. This feeling has been reinforced by several other occurrences over the course of the last few days:

• We left a money changing office in Kisumu on Friday, and I recognized the street and was able to take us to Naukumatt (a Kenyan equivalent to Wal-mart) to pick up a few final items. I was so excited! The bumpy ride on our way to Kunya while sweating in the back of a van was also familiar, although I was half asleep (if not all out asleep) for a good portion of the ride.

• Lake Victoria. Although I had seen Lake Victoria before, the view from our compound is unparalleled! It’s gorgeous! We went down to the beach on Saturday as saw the boats and fishermen. I remember seeing them from a distance during a boat ride last year, but I’m excited to get to be up close and getting to know the actual community.

• Luo is the principal language here, but my very basic Kiswahili has come in handy a few times. The look on the kids’ faces when I responded to their Kiswahili greeting in Kiswahili was priceless! We’ve started learning basic Luo greetings: Amosi! (I greet you) or my personal favorite because it’s so simple Ber (an informal hello, but also good).

• Kids! I loved working at a school and children’s home last summer because I got to play so much and was nervous about whether I’d get that this summer as well. I have no more fears after yesterday afternoon, where we got to play with all of the daycare kids. By the time they went home, I had learned new hand games, played soccer, attempted to play a checkers-like game with bottle caps, gotten plenty of exercise by running around playing tag, learned most of the kids’ names, and had a lot of fun!

• I have missed Kenyan chai and Judy’s is as good as I’ve had! We’ve eaten so well while being here and had lots of veggies and even chicken twice. The true cherry on top, though, was having ugali for dinner last night! Now I know I’m truly back!

A plaque over the door in our hut says “Feel at Home”. Although possibly superficial, I definitely am starting to feel at home in Kunya. I can’t wait to see what new adventures Kenya will hold for me this summer, but I do know I’ve had a lot of fun so far! Abo neni bange (see you later)!





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1 06 2012

Kelly! I am so happy for you! You are blessing many people! Enjoy!

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