Great experiences have a few glitches, too

22 05 2012

By Matt Gunderson

When visiting foreign countries, there’s always good news and bad news.  And you have to take the bad with the good – that’s just how it is.  And thus it was this morning in La Ceiba.  The good news: I found the only ATM in the entire country that will accept my debit card.  The bad news: it gave me 200 lempiras (about $10.00 US), then promptly self-destructed right before my eyes.  It didn’t go quietly, either – There were some loud mechanical noises, and the screen flickered a few times, before the machine finally shut off completely.  May it rest in peace.

Therefore, I must budget carefully until I can find another (hopefully less sensitive) ATM.  Luckily, most things are inexpensive here, so I’m not too worried about it – yet.  Otherwise, things are going great.  I’m currently making arrangements for my research project, which will soon be going full speed ahead.  For now, I’m finalizing my plans and testing my equipment.  Thus far, all is well.

One final note: I feel obligated to thank the good people at Coca Cola for making their Fanta sodas so widely available across Latin America.  It seems to be the one sure thing in an otherwise unpredictable landscape.  Wherever you go, you might have telephone service, you might have toilet paper, but you will have Fanta.  It’s been my lifesaver the past few days.  Whenever I feel dehydrated, I know Fanta will be there to take care of me…. as long as I don’t run out of money.



2 responses

28 05 2012

Nice reading about you, Matt. How’s your internet connection? How’s the project going?

28 05 2012
Matt G.

Hey Mariana! The internet here is not perfect, but it’s not bad, either. If it’s not working at any given moment, usually it comes back in just a few minutes. No complaints from me. The project is moving along. I’m busy translating some papers right now, which is a very slow process (but kinda fun, in a weird way). How are you? Is everything going well in Haiti?

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