Soon to Be in Togo!

17 05 2012

Hey guys! My name is Ben Ramsey, and tomorrow I leave for Togo where I’ll be researching child migration.  I’m hanging out in a hotel room in Charlotte, NC, awaiting tomorrow morning’s departure flight. First of all, a little about myself: I’m a rising sophomore at Duke planning on majoring in Program II in Global Health. I’ll actually be taking my first Global Health course this fall!

It’s been an enriching and exciting road that has led to this summer’s project.  This past spring semester I took an independent study with my summer project advisor, Professor Charles Piot (Cultural Anthropology), in preparation for the summer.  My two months in Togo will also give me a chance to improve my French.  I actually spent four years in France during elementary school due to my father’s job at Michelin, and I can’t wait to get back to regularly speaking the language.

My summer project focuses on researching Togolese child migration specific to those in search of work abroad.  Togolese boys and girls sometimes leave home for work after witnessing others returning from working abroad with a bicycle, motorcycle, or sound system.  I want to learn what the community thinks about children leaving, staying, and returning. I’ll interview teachers, chiefs, NGO members, and other community representatives.

Learning different community members’ views of child migration will allow an evaluation first of if this trend is a positive or negative one for the community.  If the trend is negative for health conditions of community members, knowledge of the community’s view of children leaving home for work abroad will allow a more effective reaction to this trend’s effects on overall health in the community.  Finally, I hope to end my project with a focus group workshop to bring together community members for an open discussion of the topic.

Time to hit the sack. Looks like I’m going to have to wake up around 4 tomorrow morning.  Expect a weekly post or so for the next 8 weeks!!!

-Ben Ramsey




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18 05 2012
Brian Kanaahe M.Bilal

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Awesome young public health freak 😛 Good luck dude…go and do your thing! 🙂 #Solidarity

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