Last couple weeks in Mbarara

17 08 2011

August 17, 2011

By Katherine Donato

A lot has happened since I last wrote a couple weeks ago…I saw a woman give birth at the local health center in rural Kashongi, visited Lake Bunyonyi, trained two enumerators to administer a survey we’ll be running over the next year, and was proposed to by a lovely gentleman who offered to pay my father 100 cows for my hand in marriage!  In the midst of trying to wrap up as much as I can before leaving in a few days, I’ve also been trying to reflect on the work I’ve done over the past couple months.

It would be near impossible to list everything I’ve learned since beginning working on this project, but I think one of the most important things I’ll take away is a much better understanding of how things work “on the ground”.  Over my years of schooling, I’ve read about so many projects and interventions that researchers have conducted, but after my experience here, I have a much greater understanding of how much work goes into even the simplest of projects.  From getting translations done to making sure local partners are on board with our plans, I’ve learned the importance of careful planning (and then to be flexible after all that planning!).  I now read about other researchers’ work with a more critical eye and a more concrete understanding of exactly what they have done.

To close out my likely last post in Uganda, I’ve listed some clues from a crossword puzzle in one of the local Ugandan newspapers.  I thoroughly enjoy crossword puzzles in the U.S., but I can’t get a single clue from this puzzle!  Let me know if you can figure any of them out!

I’d rather accuse you of violent intensity. (6)

Every single thing is carefully noted. (4)

You’ve got to work out somehow. (4)

Do you always have to glom onto matters? (6)

The fence is something of a tactic? (6)

Paola is in the business of obscuring jewelry. (4)

I’m only going to say it once more for fire. (4)




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