Clean water for ALL!

16 07 2011

By Hussain Lalani


Water is undoubtedly a basic necessity of daily life. We use it to wash our hands, shower, hydrate our body, wash clothes, and much more. Moreover, we may use water without thinking twice about its existence; however, there is another side to this story:

Villagers living in Kunya

They think about access to clean water daily and did so even more just a year ago. That the bore well was constructed on public land with underground pipes leading to large water stations in central parts of Kunya village.

Mama na Dada fundraised for this project and worked collaboratively with Living Water International to make access to clean and safe water a reality in Kunya.

Now, villagers can walk to the closest water-filling station and purchase 20 liters of water for just 3 Kshs (about 3.5 cents). This has taken the place of women making daily trips to the dirty, unsafe, and snake-infested waters of Lake Victoria only to carry back large heavy pales of water. This must have been very time-consuming, especially when there are a number of things to accomplish in a day.

Although there is now an economical cost for access to water, it is far less than the sum of the physical toll on one’s body, the medical cost of injury, and the precious cost of lost time. In fact, the strength of donkeys isfrequently used to help carry the heavy 20 liter jugs back to the home, especially if it is a distance from the water-filling station.

I am very grateful to Mama na Dada for all of their hard work in fundraising for this water project. They have tremendously increased access to one of life’s most basic necessities for Kunya villagers and we, the volunteers, have been fortunate to enjoy the benefits of their work this summer!




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