Youth Mentors Club – Engaging conversations

9 07 2011

By Hussain Lalani


Conversations are part of our daily life, but how much do we really value them?

Conversations spark learning. They introduce new ideas. They have the ability to provide encouragement. Fortunately, these are the types of conversations we have been lucky to be apart of with the Youth Mentors Club at Ramogi Secondary School.

For the past few Thursday’s, about 20 students have come together and talked about salient issues such as:

  • Relationships including Guardian-child, friend-friend, and dating
  • How to deal with stress
  • Achieving your Goals


Ben, Ashwin, and I have integrated ourselves into these conversations and we have met a very respectful and inquisitive group of students. We have incorporated skits into our talks and everyone has a chance to show off his or her acting skills.

Additionally, the Youth Mentors club put together a wonderful drama for parents and guests at Education Day for Kunya Secondary school. We were fortunate to work alongside them in preparation and they totally stole the show in front of a large crowd! The drama spread awareness about HIV/AIDS and how certain relationships can seem great but end up misleading and dangerous.

I never imagined having such an engaging and close-knit opportunity but it has been a great addition to our research!





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