Measuring Away!

2 07 2011

By Hussain Lalani


When a child steps on the weighing scale, every child nearby is sent a silent excitatory signal to make his or her way to scale as well. It’s quite an amazing sight and we have seen it in action a few times over the last few weeks!

As part of our nutritional assessment, we have been taking height, weight, and arm circumference measurements and all children so far have been attracted to the electronic machine that displays a number in kilograms. Getting them to wait in line can be difficult but they all eagerly await their chance to be measured.

We have also started cognitive development testing through a verbal and motor memory task. It’s a new experience for the three of us and the children of Kunya as these types of cognitive tests are not as common in Kunya. Nevertheless, the students have been very open and willing to take on the challenge of something new!!

We hope to continue the cognitive testing over the next few weeks and will analyze the data to determine whether there is an association between nutritional level and cognitive development in the children of Kunya.

Stay tuned!




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