Hippo excursion anyone?

25 06 2011

By Hussain Lalani


Brrrrr….huuuuuhhhuuuu, wham, wham (from slapping the side of a wooden boat) and that leads, HIPPOS !!

These are the sounds we made, following the lead of the tour guide, while taking a boat ride on Lake Victoria this past Saturday. I never would have thought such bizarre noises would provoke hippos to come up out of the water for some fresh air, but they certainly worked!

Within just an hour, we saw the eyes and ears of many hippos resting in the water during the day before their nightly trips for food on land. Nearby, we were enchanted by a number of local birds going about their business just as the sun was beginning to set. It was truly a phenomenal experience, one that we managed to have just in time to catch a matutu from Kisumu back to Kunya!

I have found that weekends are a great time to explore the wonders of Kenya, especially since there are a myriad of options once you take a look around. Rock climbing, cave exploring, and watching the sunrise from the Lake are a few things we are hoping to experience during the next 5 weeks we are here.

The exploratory weekends provide a nice change of routine in comparison to the weekly home visits for research and data collection. Nevertheless, the nutrition and child birth interviews are coming quite well as we have visited more than half of our subject pool while the cognitive development tests are next on the agenda after completing the home interviews. In fact, we collected data for 24 children through guardian interview this past Monday, surpassing our previous daily record of 11. Seems like that will be the mark to beat for the rest of our time here!


Orithi (Goodbye) for now!


P.s. I’m thrilled that the Dallas Mavericks are the new NBA Champions! It’s been a rough last 10 years in the playoffs for us Mavs fans and we have finally defeated the tremendous odds and shocked the non-believers.



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