Fulfilling Experience

11 06 2011

By Hussain Lalani



Amosi ! (Hi) Whew! It’s the end of the week and finally time to rest : )

This week we started individual home-visits to start collecting data about nutrition and child birth practices by interviewing guardians of children in the Mama na Dada daycare and the general community. A few kilometers of walking is normal here although I’m not sure I’ve walked this much with the sun bearing down in years! Luckily, the scenery and landscape is very beautiful with crops growing in nearly every direction. Just have to look out for the pointed plants which seem to pop up out of nowhere and stick you!

Imagine welcoming a group of complete strangers from a different country traveling with a native translator into your home….kind of bizarre right?  Not in Kenya! Actually, not entering someone’s home after being welcomed (Karibu!) is disrespectful in Kenyan culture. We have visited about 30 homes in just one week and continue to come across openhearted guardians who are anxious to tell us their feelings about important health topics in the community. This has led to some really interesting preliminary data and is quite an encouraging start. PLUS, nothing beats relaxing on the porch of our hut and enjoying the cool weather as the sun sets after a long day of work!




One response

12 06 2011

Great job you three! You are making wonderful progress and sounds like great connections in the community, with adults and kids alike. Look forward to hearing more soon.


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