“Tea should not be taken in solitude”

18 05 2011

-Title from C.S. Lewis

By Joy Ogunmuyiwa

a sign of welcome, a cup of indian tea offered to me

May 18, 2011
7:05 am
Pune, India

After 48 hours of flying and waiting, waiting and flying, it’s great to write that I’m finally here. And there is one thing I can say for certain, Texas heat has nothing on western India!

 Abbas, who works at the Sahara Care House in Pune and is the assisstant manager for the Pune region, came to pick me up from the airport and take me to the Sahara House.

the view from my room in the Sahara Care House

The Sahara House is a nongovernment organization which has created new and innovative approaches in responding to the needs of people who use drugs illicitly and for people living living with HIV/AIDS.  It was orignially a therapeutic community for substance abusers and has since developed a range of strategies to empower people, strengthen community, repair broken family relationships, educate people of safer behavior practices, and reintigrate people into society. It is one of the community partners for the POFO study and where I will begin my interviews.




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