Project updates

2 12 2010

By Paul Sonenthal

Good news from my Coping project: I officially started data collection on Monday! As of today I have a total of five patients enrolled in the study.

In other news, work continues to go well on the Parasuicide project.

So far I have reached out to a number of stakeholders and had some very informative meetings. At each meeting I come prepared with a one page summary of the project as well as a 7 page questionnaire that I use to help guide and focus discussion. People I have contacted include social workers and doctors at both public and private institutions as well as staff at several NGOs and academic institutions.

Although I had my concerns about the responses I might get as a foreigner coming in and asking questions about such a sensitive and stigmatized topic, initial reactions have been very positive.  At each meeting I hear a common refrain: parasuicide is a significant problem and more resources should be invested into addressing it.

Moving forward, my goal is to continue to talk to as many stakeholders as possible, with a particular focus on identifying people in the Ministry of Health with whom we can collaborate.




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