DGHI Presents Winners of First Annual Fieldwork Photo Contest

14 09 2010

Of more than 50 photo submissions from two dozen Duke undergraduate and graduate students, the Duke Global Health Institute is proud to present the winners of its first annual Student Fieldwork Photo Contest.

The winning photos were submitted by three students who worked in Uganda and Kenya this summer. All contest entries were categorized based on three global health themes: partnership, education and change.

The grand prize winner is junior Nancy Yang, who worked on a nutrition project in Naama, Uganda. In the photo, students at Naama Millennium eagerly show off their new water bottles that are part of a solar water disinfection project. The students’ excitement to receive the plastic water bottles made clear the necessity, yet relative scarcity, of clean drinking water in Naama Village. Yang’s photo also won in the “change” category.

In the “partnership” category, the winning photo came from Jori Sheade, where she is seen conducting height measurements on a child outside of his home in Kunya Village, Kenya. Sheade, a junior majoring in biology with a certificate in global health, worked with two other students in Kenya this summer to administer an epidemiological survey and work with a nongovernmental organization to help spread positive health messages in the community.

In the “education” category, Darriel Harris had the winning photo of several Ugandan students who shared a light moment inside the classroom. In the photo, students exemplify a sense of pride as they laugh at a comment made by their peer during a class debate. Harris’ project was a program analysis of a charity that supports vulnerable youth. Harris, a master’s student in the Divinity School, completed his research project in Gulu, Uganda, where he conducted a program analysis of a charity that supports vulnerable youth.

The contest entries were scored based on five areas of photo quality: adherence to theme/global health relevance, technical quality, aesthetic quality, creativity and supporting text. The judges panel included faculty and staff from DGHI, and representatives from The Center for Documentary Studies, The Towerview and The Latent Image.

Congratulations to Yang, Sheade and Harris… and thanks to all of the students who participated in DGHI’s First Annual Photo Contest. It was a huge success!




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