634 surveys and Empachada

10 08 2010

We have done 634 surveys. All we are doing now is sampling with exclusion criteria in order for our sample to be representative of the urban population here in Teguz. We are nearly finished. It has been an incredible few weeks working with this new team and new survey.

Here are some interesting testimonies about natural medicine use here in Honduras.

I was talking with woman today and she was telling me how her son was diagnosed with epilepsy at Hospital Escuela when he was 11 after he had a seizure. When they were doing the tests on him she met a guy who said she could go to a naturista for much cheaper and he could cure her son. She ended up going and he put him on a handful of herbs and a special fruit diet (and salad too I think she said). They doctors at HE diagnosed him with epilepsy but she told them he was already seeing a naturista and she did not want to buy the medication they prescribed. She tells me that he has not had seizures in 20 years and is still eating a very healthy fruit and vegetable diet.

In addition, someone I know here has been struggling with a fever and headaches for almost 3 months. She was very sick and had spent thousands of Lempiras on doctors. She was getting ready to go home to The States, after weeks without results or conclusions from the doctors, when a friend offered to examine her for empacho by rubbing her forearm and looking for lumps or some kind of disturbance. She said she was empachada and offered a sobada (massage).  She got the sobada and within 30 min her headache was gone. She has not had a fever in 2 weeks and has had only minor headaches.

I leave for The States Friday the 13th.

– Michael Catalino




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