Week8 and the race to the finish (short version)

24 07 2010

Hi folks, this will be quick since I am done and now playing tourist for my last week here. In short, it was a rather hellish week. My laptop completely became useless with the screen looking like a Pollock painting or Mondrian, regardless of the monitor. God gave me a miracle only in that it cleared just in time for me to take the files I had worked all week on prior off onto a flash drive. It then soon declined and became unusable. Thence, I had to stay at the office every night late to finish my “obra” resulting in two documents (combined ~50 pg) and presentations. All in Spanish and on a spanish keyboard (at first annoying since all the punctuations are in different places but easier in the end since afterall, I was writing in Spanish. In the end, it was finished the night before at 9 so with time to spare. It went great (though only did 1 presentation). I did celebrate that night, and had a great last official day of work, more details and pictures later (helped with a health fair), picked up Josh, got a semi-surprise dinner with the entire office thanking me and giving me a framed certificate of graditude. Lots of pictures to come. Of course, in going to get Josh I lost my keys which had my flashdrive with all the important updated files and freaked, but they are backed up on the harddrive in the office. So my research is not all lost, though just misplace.

Did the ruins and some final shopping and going to shower before dinner so off I go. Thanks!

More when I return to the states.

– Kaitlin Rawluk




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