Week 7 me and my computer

18 07 2010

Hello folks!

Sorry if anyone has been waiting for a Saturday installment. However, this one will be brief with no pictures as I am in the full throws of data analysis all week and weekend. Although I have had a lot of fun going to the various rural health centers, it is the time that I look at my data to find some answers as to birthing practices here. I also have the analysis of past medical records. Because of one missing data file on one month, I went out to the Birthing clinic on Tuesday. This was good since it downpoured and the power went out, which is fine at the clinic since they have a backup generator. Otherwise, I have just been plugging along (rather boring actually).

I will say I did watch some of the world cup, which was pretty fun here. Many places with big TVs were packed, and anyone with a TV had the game on. There would be men in the streets gathering around a doorway where a TV was. Soccer is big, even if Spain helped knock Honduras out of the running. My game watching experience was a little different. I met up with a friend and we were going to watching at ViaVia, essentially the gringo/european bar in town, though it was standing room only. We decided to go to a cafe, which had good coffee, amazing dessert, air conditioning (did not know this before!) and a small TV. So we casually watched but more talked about our lives. When we left, the game was still 0-0 and I got tired of sitting around and went home to hand wash some clothes. This part was funny since while outside, I heard the moment Spain scored, as if everyone in Copan was cheering at once. oh sports.

As for my work, the interview data is coming into tables and graphs now and the medical record analysis is almost completely written up, though I Have to add some more about the reasons why women were sent to the closest big hospital (prime reason is “prolonged delivery” but from the data we can see who made the call to send and how often. It is interesting to see how many women were sent for kidney infections. I note this because in the states we routinely test pregnant women’s urine for urinary tract infections, even if they have no symptoms. Normally, bacteria in the urine without symptoms is ok (~25% teenagers have this at any given time). However, because of the pressure on the bladder and ureters (tubes from kidney to bladder), it is easier for that bacteria to travel up and make a kidney infection (not cool pregnant or not). I make special note because I got into a little argument with a lecturer at the school of public health who was advocating for less urine testing (on one hand making sense since peeing in a cup when 8 months pregnant is challenging) but she made the mistake of saying that there was no clear reason why we tested so much, which the reason is fear of kidney infections (and it’s not guaranteed that a patient will show up for every prenatal appointment). So even though I probably looked like a snotty med student at the time, I feel a little more justified seeing how many here had to be  sent to a hospital pretty far for kidney infections (sad for them, but justified in my interest to be proactive). Glad that is out of my system.

In any case, I am working to be ahead of schedule since power outages are frequent and I have to be prepared (even on the day of my presentation-Thursday). So not much a weekend for me, though I did grab dinner out Friday to hear some live music (unfortunately alone at the bar) but then sat with some people I had met before and new people (including this guy born in Argentina but move to Israel at age 3, so communicating in Spanish was easier than in English for him!). Saturday it rained all day (more incentive to work), though I was working intensely for fear that the rain would knock out the power (common here). It did not though my internet was spotty, like today. Since internet radio has kept me sane during data analysis, I miss it when its not there. When not cranking away, I have watched bootleg versions of the Tale of Despeareux and Pelham 123 and done some skyping and plan-making for when Josh comes to visit (less than 5 days!!! after 2 months!) .  All in all, a little dull. Week 8 will likely be the same but the final week will be fun. Until then, work hard, eat good dark chocolate, and eat a waffle because you can.

-Kaitlin Rawluk




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23 07 2010

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