14 07 2010

Unfortunately, loading these 9 pictures took almost 1/5th of the bandwidth I purchased, which is supposed to last the next 3 weeks…so I stopped, despite having more I would love to put up. I might try to get some pictures up using the internet connection at work (where it is free, but incredibly slow and has trouble doing things like loading pictures.)

As a side note on internet (coming from someone who has limited understanding of how all this works): there was a break in a major cable that is out in the Indian Ocean near Mombasa, Kenya. This resulted in failure of internet across Dar, and probably other places too,  for about 3 days, followed by about a week of inconsistent availability and slow connections. I would try to write an email, and the page would time-out in the attempt to send. While the cable is still not fixed, most internet service providers scrambled to buy bandwidth from other cables, at more expensive and small-amount-at-a-time rates. This also produced a lot of “traffic” on the cables. Hence the spottiness of service for about a week. The cable is set to be fixed hopefully next week, and it seems like most internet providers have come up with a stable solution in the meantime.

If you click on the first picture it will open a bigger view, and then you will be able to scroll through from there.

-Kristen Pfau




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