I am a HOT HOT HOT survivor!!! (Week 3 in Beijing)

11 07 2010

“Is it true that a taxi’s tyres exploded today? Because of heat? Is it true that someone cooked an egg under the sun? Is it true that…” My parents fought over the phone asking these questions that had nothing to do with ME! “Oh really? I did not know but it could be true” I answered, trying to be as patient as possible. Hello! What about me? I am in the heat too! All you care about is a taxi’s tyres and an egg???? I questioned in my mind.

Well, enough of family issues, my parents are the cutest anyways.

No, I have no idea if a taxi’s tyres exploded or someone cooked an egg under the sun yesterday or the day before yesterday. But YES, it could be true, because it is BURNING HOT in Beijing these days. Temperature has reached 110 F, which according to the official report is the first time in 50 years! Now I know what a “melting pot” is, literally.

As a result, this week seems to be a week of “Heat stroke Prevention and Control” week. I had a slight heat stroke on Monday, and it got more severe as the sun allowed someone cooked an egg under it, somewhere in the same city. I could not manage to stay functional on Tuesday. Headaches, nauseation, fatigue, you name it. Subways, public buses, everything looks so miserable as everyone is sweating like they are running cross-country Marathon.

Despite of the heat, our research has to be continued. On Wednesday, we went to Xuanwu District CDC to interview the staff there about their work on HIV patient confidentiality. From these interviews and data review, it seems that the HIV infection trend in China is now mainly due to Men-Men sexual intercourse. Frankly speaking, I am stunned by this reality. Having lived in China for 20 years, I had no idea that homosexuality had such a big prevalence.

Thursday: I am trying my best to manage staying at work to finish proof reading a review report for China CDC’s Evaluation Report for a NGO called AIDS Care China. AIDS Care China (ACC) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) led by HIV infected persons. Established in 2003, the organization was initially a mutual-help group voluntarily formed by HIV infected persons in Guangzhou. To date, it has grown into an NGO with projects and network covering the provinces of Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong and Hubei. “Red Ribbon Project” is a working model developed by the organization for the provision of a series of integrated services to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) based on designated ART providers and the platform of ACC’s Red Ribbon Centers, including counseling, psychosocial support, care and support. The project is positively acknowledged by governments, international organizations and the clients. According to preliminary evaluation results, the project has significantly boosted patient adherence to treatment.

Friday: Same as Thursday. The heat in Beijing has been toturing everyone at every corner of the city.

-Yuqian Liu




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