Density and Gravity

9 07 2010

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the article posted on the DGHI and Duke Athletics websites about my work here in Honduras.

To update everyone on the progress of the project, we have run into some obstacles, but are moving forward and dealing with one at a time. First, for those who do not know what I was doing before I came to Honduras, I was wholly involved in one of my most memorable experience of my life, winning a National Championship. Not only that, but it was my 5th and final year at Duke and our class has been through the ultimate low and the ultimate high of Duke Lacrosse. To go out like we did still blows my mind.

Anyway, I did not get a chance to properly pilot my survey before I left, so after collecting 541 surveys, we are deciding to re-write the survey, pilot it, and run another 500. For a great global health experience and to learn about global health research, the first 541 is definitely enough, but to discover the truth about religious beliefs, worldviews and health behavior in Honduras that I came here for, we need a better instrument (survey) and need 500 more. I am about half way into my time here, and I am heading back to the U.S. for my best friends wedding, so when I return, I will need to be very proficient. I have learned so much already, I am not worried about taking this challenge head-on.

I leave for Copan tomorrow morning to visit Dra. Duron’s clinic there. Oh yeah, I also just recovered from Dengue.

Life is good, but it is heavy.

– Michael Catalino




One response

14 07 2010
Cheri Janning

Hi Michael,

I am part of a medical mission that group that travels to Honduras every January and we provide medical care just outside Teguc. Our group is primarily based out of Durham and I would like to ask if you would be willing to come and speak to our group of your experiences. You can contact me direct via e-mail at or call me by phone at 668-8374. I hope you will say yes!


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