Week 2 in Beijing

4 07 2010

P.S. China CDC Headquater has moved to another district called Changping in Beijing, which is about 2 hour drive from the city, and there are only a few offices left in the old place waiting to be moved. Policy and Information Division, the office that I am working with is one of the remaining offices. The Internet connection at our office is unbelievably unstable– it goes off every three seconds, literally! Everyone in the office is frustrated about the Internet connection. Hope this one works!

Monday: Meeting with the staff in the Policy and Information Division and getting to know the work plan of July, which is to finish the UNAIDS research about the impact of HIV on women and girls in China; to finish the on-going research about HIV patient confidentiality.

Tuesday: Half of the office staff left for Guangzhou to conduct the UNAIDS research. I am left with the other half of the office to work on some official documents.

Wednesday.  Field trip to Fangshan District CDC of Beijing, which is about an hour drive from the main city. Interviewing the local CDC staff and nurses about how they carry out patient confidentiality and their suggestions on potential problems involved.

Thursday:  Field trip to Chaoyang District CDC. For the first time in my life, I met a HIV patient! After hearing his story, I could not collect myself into one piece— I think I need some training on being tough mentally.

Friday: Transcribing the interviews (recorded versions) onto the computer.

-Yuqian Liu




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