Week 5 to be delayed

3 07 2010

Hi folks,

Just a quick note to say this week’s blog edition will be a little delayed since I am going out of town tomorrow/Monday and was working today to cover it. But in Short:

Monday: clinic: interviews and helped deliver a baby!

Tuesday: Trip to Nueva Armenia = 2 hrs bumpy road + high elevation = long day + beautiful mountain views+lovely really rural town with lots of animals (GIANT grasshoppers with lots of pictures)

Wednesday: data entry, slow going

Thursday: Return to Rio Negro, but on motor bike! = good interview day (and good lunch) reaching 100 interviews (!) + lots of prayers that I was not going to die on this motor bike zipping along crappy dirt road and overall survival

Friday: No power = no data entry any computer work (my intention). Treated it like a Saturday, going to market, meeting some tourists and ended up hanging out all day into the night (first time partying here. Good times) sleep by 1:30a

Saturday: Errands, laundry, buying bus ticket to the beach! Plans to go for the day, leave the next morning to go to San Pedro Sula (Mon) to meet my sponsored child from Children International! Packing, waiting out the rain and one more meal with my new friends

Sunday-bus and beach and botanical garden TBA

Monday- Blancha my sponsored child!

More to come with pictures!

– Kaitlin Rawluk




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