Meeting with UNAIDS and Chinese Experts on HIV/AIDS

1 07 2010

The first thing I encountered when I arrived at China CDC was a meeting for a new project initiated by UNAIDS in Beijing. At the beginning of 2010, UNAIDS designed a framework of HIV/AIDS prevention and control for women and girls globally. This meeting was about China’s take on the project.

Representatives of UNIAIDS, experts with backgrounds like Cultural Anthropology, Economics, Education, Public Policy, Public Health, Medication and some other fields were invited to the meeting to present their commentaries and intakes on the subject. The office that I am working with, Policy and Information Division of National Center for HIV/STD Prevention and Control was in sponsoring the meeting.

During the meeting, the Dr. Lu, Chair of Policy and Information Division introduced the general scope of the China CDC on approaching the project. The objective of the project is to further understand the condition of female HIV infected patients and their access to treatment and to promote policies accordingly.  China CDC will  utilize data from 7 provinces as a model to review and evaluate its success and failures on HIV/AIDS prevention, control and protection of women and girls. The 7 provinces are relatively high  in HIV/AIDS prevalence and incidence.

These days, half of the office has gone to Guangzhou to work on the project while the rest of us remain in Beijing to continue an on-going research project about HIV patients and their confidentiality.

-Yuqian Liu




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