Health Systems & Illness Systems

1 07 2010

On behalf of Aaron Stoertz, an MSc-GH student who is interning this summer at the World Health Organization:

“In a few days I will mark my one month anniversary as an intern at the World Health Organization in Geneva. I’m still very much on the steep part of the learning curve here in many ways– from unfamiliarity with the local language (French) to the WHO process to even the content of my work. That’s not a bad thing, I like being in places where there’s a lot to learn.

The WHO (and Geneva in some respects) looks at problems from 30,000 feet and tries to produce recommendations and guidelines to solve them from that high. At 30,000 feet (where the air is a bit thin and the horizon a bit fuzzy) problems become harder to get your arms around and the interconnectedness of our world really becomes more evident. From up that high, boundaries are difficult to differentiate. And I haven’t yet even started my policy course with Dr. Anthony So yet, a man famous for framing and attempting to solve some unbelievably complex global health problems. The course starts next week, and I’ll be sure to post about it…”

***Read more about Stoertz’s first month interning at The WHO.***

Aaron Stoertz is in the Master of Global Health program at Duke University. He is participating in the Global Health Track of the Duke Program in Global Policy and Governance and is working as a human resources for health intern at the World Health Organization.



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