Cooking, watching, working, cooking

28 06 2010

It has been 18 years since Honduras was last in the World Cup. This year, they did not score a single goal…what sadness. For a moment it looked like the US was going to keep exceeding expectations, and then…afuera, they’re out too. The world is still watching as history is made.

La Hache, Honduras Nation Team, or La Seleccion, no matter what you call them, they were the life of Honduras for the past few weeks. School was canceled on game days and government employees were given the day off.
I have finally settled in to my home and am beginning to do some cooking. A have made everything from pizza, italian style breads, stuffed and not, to pupusas, a Honduran specialty food that tastes amazing. They are like a flour patty stuffed with cheese or meat served with vegetables.
Last week I was invited to the 80th anniversary celebration of the Honduran Medical Journal, Revista Medica Hondurana.
We had a few set back with some low quality data, so we are heading back out this week to collect about 30 more surveys. Dr. Holden is here now and will be doing clinic and seeing some patients at Hospital Escuela.
I will be working with Jericho Ministries on weekends out at a villa taking care of some orphaned children. It has been a real blessing to be able to both work on my project and serve the community at the same time.
That’s all for now.

-Michael Catalino




2 responses

28 06 2010

Looks yummy, Michael! Thanks for posting. -G

8 07 2010

Great stuff Catty! Keep up the good work. You are truly making a difference and creating a gratifying experience for yourself!

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