Jambo from Tanzania!

25 06 2010

On behalf of Daniella Choi: “Hi, my name is Daniella. I am a rising Junior at Duke University studying Public Policy and Global Health. This summer, I will be working in Moshi, Tanzania with Path to Africa as my GH fieldwork. The organization is looking to implement several health-related programs in a village about 1 hr away from Moshi called Newlands. My partner, Clara, and I will be doing…

1. village-wide health seminars

2. facilitating discussions in the Women’s group

3. hopefully, HIV awareness campaign and home visits.

I am extremely excited for this opportunity to go out and be engaged with the world. It is simply mind blowing to think that in roughly two weeks, I will be in Tanzania!! I have been preparing for this trip for so long that it almost seems like I’ve been there already, thanks to all the wonderful people at Duke and abroad who were kind to educate us on what to expect in Moshi (cold showers, goat meat, long skirts, beautiful view of Mt. Kilimanjaro). But I am ready to be surprised. Expect the unexpected and unexpect the expected. right?

In addition to being blown away by local customs and lifestyle, I am looking to really grasp a picture of today’s global health. I want to learn what it takes to implement good health interventions and what comes out of those good interventions. I want to assess the state of public health in Moshi, Tanzania (physician absenteeism, maternal health issues, etc), and think hard and act smart.”





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