Obama family home visit and Day of the African Child celebration

19 06 2010

(Pardon the spelling errors and whatnot on this blog entry, the cyber cafe has some interesting browser issues happening that is blocking part of the screen)

This week at Mama na Dada has been another relaxing week with lots happening. Tuesday, Jori and Alice went to the OBama family home, which is located about an hour from Kunya Village. Mama SObama’s grandmother) holds visitation hours for anyone who wants to visit her, ranging from the community members to visitors, like us. Ever since Obama became famous, lots of people have been visiting her and her home and so since then, she has had developed visitation hours. It was an interesting experience to talk to her and her aunt, hear her story and listen to her perspective on her grandson. There has been a lot of Obama-mania in Kenya, especially in Luo areas like Kunya Village. When we make the home visits, we often see Obama’s picture hanging in the hut or a calendar with Obama’s pictures plastered all over.

On Wednesday, it was the day of the African child and so we went to a nearby Primary School to celebrate. The children from the primary schools, organizations like Mama na Dada presented presentations and skits and dances on child’s welfare. It was very entertaining to watch, despite the heat. It was also rewarding to see the Mama na Dada day care children perform, after seeing htme rehearse and practice for almost a month.

Other than those two events, we’ve been busy at work. Jori and Alice have been inputting data and looking over the data we have collected and making home visits to the community members to dispense the necessary medications. Maddy has been going to the secondary school and tailoring school to certify the youths as Youth Outreach Mentors on HIV/AIDS. And in our down time, we’ve been catching up on the World Cup Games in the ba

Tomorrow, we are headed off to our safari for the next four days. We are all very excited to see some wildlife and to take a break from the work we have been doing.




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29 06 2010

Nice blog !

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