17 06 2010

Today we went to Tatumbla. Tatumbla is a rural village (see map below – Tatumbla is in the bottom right hand corner). It takes about 45min to drive there from where we stay in Tegucigalpa. Overall the day went well. I am getting much better with the vocabulary necessary to give the surveys myself so Dra. Duron and I went door to door along with Joaquin, Mauricio, and Wendoly, who stays at Mision Caribe but was able to help us with the surveys today. In total we collected about 50 surveys.

It is amazing how diverse the responses have been. It is clear that people are not necessarily associating methods of treatment with the perceived origin of illness. For example, someone may say that germs and other biological organisms do not cause disease, but physicians are very important in curing disease. Along those same lines, someone may say that punishment from God for sin has no influence on causing illness, but faith and prayer are a sure way to cure illness. Not many complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) studies include prayer as an option and their percent CAM use is around 40-50%. Our study does include prayer (to God, in combination with herbs, and to saints). We are seeing a much higher percent CAM use. Although we have not done any formal analysis, this seems to be the case just from administering the surveys. We have about 120 surveys left, and we will finish 100 of them this weekend in San Miguel and the rest in Copan, a rural department (about 6 hours NW from where we live in Tegucigalpa) where we will be able to collect a sample of Maya Hondurans. We will be near the Maya ruins. Dra. Duron started a clinic there. That’s all for now. Below are some photos from todays work.

(Below) In the Mayor’s office looking at the city map.
(Below) Dra. Duron and I in front of the City Hall landmark.

– Michael Catalino




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17 06 2010

When?? Let me know since I am pretty familiar at least with maps for Copan. The rain has made many places impassible (some short term, others caving roads) but let me know since got some connections…(or at least have some for my own survey near health centers!) Email me the details and I can send my digicel #. Fantastic!

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