Week 3 in Kunya Village!

6 06 2010

This week began disastrously but ended on a high note.

On Sunday night, upon returning from Kisumu in a way over-crowded matatu, we fell asleep to a strange sound – a plop, plop that seemed to come from the ceiling. In the middle of the night at 3 a.m., Jori woke us up with shouts of being attacked – by army ants crawling into the mosquito net and biting her all over in bed. We leaped from our beds to see hundreds, thousands of ants streaming in from the window, all over the floor, and before we knew it, they were covering our mosquito nets. We ran to Rosemary’s hut with screams of “Help! We have a problem!” and we began battling the ants with Parafume and burning newspapers.

Aside from that, our week went by smoothly. Maddy went on a 5 and a half hour walk with Janet, a Community Health Worker, to visit the “defaulters” (those who did not show up for their ARV medications), packed up 8,500 tablets into packs of 30 at the dispensary, played soccer/football with the school children, bathed the day care children, and in her spare time, finished up her 6th book.

Jori and I kept on making our home visits, doing physical examinations, scheduling appointments for urine and stool sample collection, and finally finished the last interviews on Friday! We were even able to go over our target goal of 111 participants and ended up with 113 participants.

After a tiring week and a half trekking over Kunya Village, we are looking forward to having a more relaxed schedule, with significantly less walking.

– Alice Zhang




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