Llego a Honduras!!!!

4 06 2010

Let me preface this post by saying that Monday we captured Duke’s first NCAA Lacrosse National Championship. Go Doooook!

After 5-hour celebration on the bus ride home from Baltimore Monday night, a continuation of that celebration with the staff and seniors, goodbyes and team lunch on Tuesday, senior dinner Tuesday night, a 14 hour drive home to Rochester, a day of packing and seeing friends and family, and a 6-hour flight to Honduras, I am sitting on the couch at Mision Caribe in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, reflecting and writing to you all.

Dr. Jorge Nazar picked me up from the airport around 1:00pm (Honduras is 2 hours behind EST). When I arrived at the mission home, my friends Jorge, Marina, Maria Jose, Ana, Mark, and Melissa immediately welcomed me. I slept for a few hours and then we went to the mall so I could buy a cell phone. I bought a nice little Nokia and about 200 Limpiras in minutes. Actually, I should tell you a funny story about my flight over. So I over hear some people talking about the Final Four and saying that they were cheering against Duke. Well, I had to say something. I said, “If you don’t mind me asking, why were you cheering against Duke?” They said they are from Kentucky and are huge UK fans (Duke Basketball won it all this year too so they were still a bit bitter about basketball season). Anyway, I ended up telling them I played for Duke Lacrosse, and the father said that his son plays lacrosse in Kentucky and he knows some players that play for Denver. When we get off the plane he asked if his son could get a picture with me. Funny how things work out.

It seems like I will be taking the weekend off to relax and get settled. I begin work on Monday.

Bendiciones y paz,
Michael Catalino



One response

7 06 2010

Its like that TCMF dinner all over again! Glad you are acclimating (or will to the heat) and glad that there are other people you know there. It’s a little like starting from scratch here but at least i met a peacecorp volunteer working for my same organization. So what server you got? Digicel? Claro? Tigo? (digicel here). Good luck and ttyl -Kaitlin

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