Count down to departure

26 05 2010

Hello fans of Kaitlin’s Summer blog!

As this is my first post, I will give you the scoop of why I am going! As a dual degree MD (Duke)/MPH(UNC) person working on my masters in the department of Maternal and Child health, I have the opportunity to put some of my grad school skills to good use through an 8 week summer practicum. Being that a) I love Latin America b) love babies and moms and c) want to be near clinical work, I found a good opportunity to help a free birthing and pediatric services clinic understand its patient population, track patients and improve utilization of its free services. We MCHers like babies to be delivered with access to emergency services and skilled birth attendants. My role is to best help the El Jaral clinic in whatever way a medical/public health student can and to ideally set up a connection for future students and projects.

That is the brief scoop. Now its just packing and reliving my experiences from a semester in Mexico and all its packing DOs and DON’Ts. Granted, Copan is not Oaxaca in terms of access to goods but really, packing light is ideal (I say this now). I know where I will be staying and what I will be doing and the rest is a step out on faith that I will get safely to my destinations, help the clinic meaningfully, visit my Children International sponsored child (not too far), stay healthy, complete my school requirements, and thrive on this physical and spiritual journey. Oh yeah, its gonna happen…

Tune in next time my friends- Kait or Katalina or Kata (que prefiere, a mi no importa)

– Kaitlin Rawluk




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