Welcome to Honduras

4 05 2010

Greetings everyone!

Thanks for joining me this summer. I will be heading out to Tegucigalpa, Honduras June 4th. Just to give you a little background info, I spent a week there in Jan. on a medical mission trip with my mentor Dr. Ken Holden. Initially for my project I was going to look at the use of traditional medicines in Honduras and how they affected adherence and health seeking behavior, but things changed. After being in Honduras and talking with my in-country mentor, I concluded the best approach to reaching the communities and making a real change in the future is through the religious culture. Honduras is highly Christian, with many Catholic and Protestant denominations. Our project will consist of a survey that looks to identify the worldview of pastors and laity and use both a survey and health outcome data to correlate certain worldviews with health seeking behavior. Preliminary data already suggest that there is difference between these two groups. Pastors are more likely to use prayer as a substitute for medical treatment from a doctor. There will surely be much more to come, but before I go I need to tell you about this picture.

These kids stay at a residential home for in Tegucigalpa. They are orphaned and many of them abandoned, found in dumpsters as infants. The LAMB institute is an organization that helps nurse these young kiddies back to their joyful selves. I bear witness. Many of the children we cared for on the mission trip in Jan. were from LAMB. Right now they are struggling with funding, because they rely on donations from the U.S. and it seems that with the economic crisis people have stopped being sending their usual support. If you feel compelled to give, or know someone who would like to support these kids visit www.lambinstitute.org. You can also contact me at michael.catalino@duke.edu for more information.

God bless you all and have a wonderful spring!

– Michael Catalino




One response

7 07 2010
John Danowski

Hey Mike,

Great stuff!

Coach D.

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